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You eat three times a day, but you'll see food for the first time at the incrEdible Museum.

We shine the light upon food. Unearth the forgotten. Materialise powerful forces. Towards a brighter future.

The first exhibit centres on chicken, Australians' favourite meat. How did we come from eating it on special occasions to devouring it three times a week?

We'll explore Australians’ changing relationship with chicken through ceramic sculptures (#ChickenCeramics). Comprising food, dinnerware and related items, there’s chicken on every dish! Yet the bird's form disappears over time, reflecting our increasing disconnection.

But what caused this? Interpretive materials, historical artefacts and more reveal the forces of change. Trends foresee the future. What's the alternative? What can a better chicken of tomorrow be?

Staging delightful interventions, delicious presentations, unearthing local history and living legends, we’ll reconnect you with chickens—to steer a better course for food.

This museum is under construction.